Companionship & Assistant Care

Companionship & Outing

Nurse Care Central’s personal caregivers provide meaningful companionship that incorporates interactive and mindful practices to help and promote mental, emotional and physical health in the safety of your loved one’s own home.

Services include

Conversational companionship

Our caregivers engage in conversations, personal interactions and activities such as book reading, crafting, playing games, watching movies, or simply sharing stories. The goal is to provide emotional support and address feelings of loneliness and isolation to improve mental well-being and reduce feelings of depression or anxiety.


Our caregivers plan leisure outings to promote the mental and physical health of your loved one as appropriate including visiting family, going to outdoor events or walking in the neighborhood.

Mind activities

Our caregivers engage your loved one in activities that aim to cultivate mindfulness and a state of focused attention on their thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and their surrounding environment. The goal is to boost their personal, mental and emotional well being. 

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